Digital advertising is more complicated than it has ever been. That’s why you need seasoned pros to help you navigate and recommend proven digital tactics. PardonMyFrench offers expertise in the following practices

1) Google Search Advertising – Classic Google Cost Per Click advertising. Eric Frenchman has been working with Google for over 10 years. Eric is certified in AdWords services including search and shopping.

2) Google Display Network, Banner advertising, and YouTube – No matter the budget – large or small, we can use our experience to deliver the return on advertising results you need.  Eric is certified in AdWords Display and Video so we know how to deliver results and if you have a large enough spend, we can run programmatic media buys via Google’s DoubleClick.

3) Bing Search Advertising – Google’s main competitor in search marketing.  Many of our clients see higher returns on their advertising investment even with the lower traffic they receive from Bing.

4) Facebook Advertising – Currently Google’s main competitor in digital advertising, we’ve been running successful campaigns for clients who want to boost their page likes, promote their posts, gather email addresses on their customers, as well as drive sales.